Thursday, November 4, 2010

6 - 10 things.

Every day, usually in the morning when I do my Bible time, I write in my journal 10 things I am thankful for. From the huge things to the little silly things, I write the first 10 that pop into my head. I have found it has really helped to humble me and make me more grateful for the little things in life. Today was a difficult day. But I still have plenty to be thankful and need to remind myself of that. Therefore, I am reminding myself, in public, of the the things I need to thank the Lord I have. I didn't get a chance to start my day in the word, and sometimes I can really tell. I need to be much better about that! So, here are my 10 things.

1. The roof over my head and the sheets on my bed.
2. My favorite sweet tea readily available in my fridge
3. Wonderful grandparents who are still alive and kicking! And take fantastic care of me.
4. My mama. We got in a huge fight yesterday, but all is better now and I am always thankful to have her in my life, no matter how crazy she makes me ;)
5.My twitter friends. As silly as it may sound to those of you who don't use twitter, these friends can be there with a word of comfort or encouragement, a promise to pray or just for a good laugh anytime!
6. My husband. He's the coolest.
7. My real world friends. I love them.
8. The fact that the Lord loves me and cares for me in spite of all of my shortfalls. It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that no matter what, there is someone who is always taking care of me. Even if I don't think its the way I want to be taken care of!
9. My daily runs. I am so glad that I started running in May. It is such a great way to clear my mind. And I always get this time specifically to talk with Jesus. This time is great for me to get outside away from everyone else and let go of all my worries and fears and give it to God.
10. And I am thankful for this sweet face:

He is super sick and we have been having to run tests all week. We now have to take him to see a specialist. He could have cancer, he could have something auto-immune. Whatever it is, we just want him to get well as soon as possible. I love him so very much! I'm also pretty fond of his baby brother :)

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