Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 - Happy Halloween

Did y'all have a good Halloween? We did! After how difficult last week was, we really needed it. My best friend's mom had a Costume party out at her house Saturday and had quite a few people over. I have been thinking about costumes for us for months! It was really difficult to decide on something. I was a cupcake for my Preschool class party, but didn't really want to be that for an adult party. Even though my mom told me that cupcakes and Tyler go together, so I could be a cupcake and he could be himself! haha! So true! Meredith and I were up LATE Friday night trying to decide upon and put together costumes. We found a really cool tattoo at one of the Halloween stores and decided that Tyler would be a sailor. And with that came the brain storming! I decided to be a pin up girl. Way out of my comfort zone, but so much fun. We searched and searched this town for a suitable pin up dress. We ended up finding a "Marilyn Monroe" dress at a party store in town at 11 o'clock! Who knew they stayed open that late?! We were very grateful that they had one! Enjoy the pictures!

Me as a cupcake! I love this costume, I finished it the morning of! haha!

My Sailor and his pin-up!

Loved my hair!

I felt the need to censor this tattoo! lol. It was really awesome!

And I just love this! haha! Best. Photobomb. Ever. Also, she made the world's best pirate!

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