Thursday, November 18, 2010

18 - Thankful Thursday

Whitney over at The Glamorous Life of a Housewife has been hosting a blog carnival each Thursday in November leading up to Thanksgiving. I decided that I should jump on the bandwagon and link up today! Head on over to her blog to see what everyone else is thankful for!

This man. He's perfect, and he's mine.

This dog. He is a sweet boy and we finally have some answers Praise the Lord!

This one is pretty great too. He doesn't get as much blog attention because he's perfectly healthy, but I still love him!

My mama. She's great

My grandmother, she's pretty great, too.

My brother. He can be a pain in the rear, but he sure is one good kid, who's had a lot of tough breaks.

My pops. He's a good one. He has taught me a lot about life and he's taught my husband a lot about beer. Great combo.

Our house, and also that we get to move back in it in a little over a month! So stinkin' excited.

Our current house... I am thankful that I have a place to live and people who love me to share it with.

Study Groups. 3 50 point quizzes to do over Thanksgiving break? No thank you. Split it up between 4 people? Yes, please!

This yumminess that is baking in my oven. At least I hope it's yummy. We are having a potluck at work tomorrow and I am supposed to bring vegetarian enchiladas (yay for being the token vegetarian!) but I ran out of time, and I am lazy sometimes, so we are having vegetarian enchilada casserole instead. Hope it turns out alright!

Super, fantastical, wonderous friends.  They're just grrrrrreat (paging Tony the Tiger)

A car that runs and the blessing of my MILs car for T.

Brussles Sprouts. Had them for dinner last night with some sweet potatoes. And man are they the way to this girls heart.

My super cute purple shoes, with ruffle. They're my fave. If only they came in red...

Health. It's kinda cool.

I could seriously go on forever, but I figure no one really wants to read that much! But I do encourage you to go make your own list of things you are thankful for this season. It wall make your heart feel good.

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