Monday, November 8, 2010

11 - School {as a grown-up}

I first went to college right out of high school at the University of Arkansas. To say it was a bad experience is an understatement. I should've listened to my Mom and gone to a small christian school instead. Oh well, lesson learned, and if I had I would never have met my dear hubby!

When I was 18 and away from home, I couldn't care less about school! Heck! I wasn't paying for it! Why do anything? As a matter of fact, my best friend and I would skip class to watch Dawson's Creek re-runs. I'm not kidding. We lovingly refer to that year as "summer camp." Now, I also had some pretty bad things happen to me while I was there, so all around it just wasn't good.

Fast forward 6 years:
I've gone back to school. I've been back in part time for about 3 years, but this time last year, I jumped right in to nursing school. Talk about a butt kicker! Now, I am currently not in nursing school (long story, I'll save that for another day), but I am in school. Full time. I also nanny 1 day a week and teach 2 days a week. Being a grown up and going to school while having to pay bills is not fun! I should've listened to my mom. It just kills me everytime I see someone younger than me graduating and getting great jobs and such. It is a really odd feeling to know that I could be doing so much more. We are firm believers in God's plan. I know that everything happens for a reason, no matter how bad it sucks, but for now I am just getting through.

This semester I am taking 4 classes, next I will take 5 classes, while still working the same schedule. It will all be worth it in the end. But holy moly, my brain hurts! Last week, 3 papers, 2 quizzes and 9 hours of class. All of this on top of work and my business and everything else we have to deal with on a regular basis.

I honestly hope it doesn't seem like I am complaining a whole bunch. I'm not really trying too, just pointing out one huge point... LISTEN TO YOUR MOM! Finish college the first time, it will be much better in the long run.

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