Tuesday, November 23, 2010

21 - It's Nuts out There!

So, today marked the end of me going to a store until Christmas time! It is freaking crazy!!! I went to the grocery store today (I know crazy, but I was in desperate need of vanilla beans!) and I seriously almost got run over FOUR times! What is so important that you have to speed through the Kroger parking lot? Need some bread that bad? I also refuse to fight for parking spots. I take the first one I see and get out and walk. So today, I parked at the back of the parking lot, which was the first place to almost get hit. Then, as I got out of my car, another car whipped into the space next to me, almost taking off my door. And again as I was walking into the store, someone driving the wrong way down the aisle (lets talk about a pet peeve!) tried to park and almost hit me pulling into the spot! So, I go through 3 near death experiences on the way in, go straight to where I hope it would be and nope. No vanilla beans. So I turn my rear end back around and march on out. As I am crossing the pedestrian area, where I stopped and looked both ways, a chick on a cell phone eating a cheeseburger pulls out of one of the aisles and comes about 2 feet from running me over!

I really love the holidays, but I hate this business when people stop caring what is going on around them. It drives me crazy! Shouldn't this time of year be about stopping and smelling the roses? Shouldn't you take your time and check out your surroundings, if for no other reason than to be thankful for them?

I am thankful for SO much. Our Lord has blessed us beyond all reason. I am so grateful that I was born in this country and not the banks of Africa. We, as a community, have so much to stop and thank God for. I really hope I do my best to see how great my life really is, even when people almost kill me!

After I escaped, I went to fresh market and got my vanilla beans, came home and my best friend was waiting for me! Yay! We decided to go out to dinner at US Pizza and it was tasty! Then I somehow managed to talk them into running to Walmart with me. hehe. It wasn't a problem at all compared to earlier in the day! Then we came home and sat on the porch with my Mama and her best friend! Tyler's BF is also in town, so he came over to chill with him for awhile. All in all, it was a really good night!

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