Saturday, November 13, 2010

15 - My New Toy

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My husband got me my Christmas present early! Yay! It is stinkin' amazing and I am so blessed. Ya know what it is?? My Canon! Woohoo! I've already taken about a million photos with it! Here are a whole bunch of randomocities from the past 2 days:
this was right when we got home from getting the camera. he was sleepy. See his little blood draw spot on his leg? Bless his heart.

these are some candle sticks I painted a few months back. The color doesn't show up great in these pictures. They are a pretty lime green and I love them!

 And holy moly! Look at my rings! The camera took such a good picture of them!

The tree in our front yard.

 Dog Yoga :) And yes, he is really that skinny right now... hence the need for a billion vet visits. Hopefully we will know more Monday when the newest lab work comes back

And because I am a nerd, I whipped up a cute camera strap cove this afternoon. I need ruffles in my life. It is quite a sickness.

And last but not least, Tyler is off work tomorrow, so we are going to try 2 new churches. Summit and That Church in Sherwood. We will see how it goes! I'll post about it tomorrow!

I also have my cousin's birthday party tomorrow... which is why I should get offline and go sew his super hero cape!

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