Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dallas Trip!

I just got back from a fantastic weekend in Dallas with Whitney and Leah! We had a really good time hanging out together and getting to know each other more!

Leah and I drove to Whitney's Friday morning and went to meet Sarah for lunch. We ate a super yummy place in town and I was so excited! Sarah is very sweet and the food was delicious!  
{Sarah, Leah, me and Whitney)

After lunch we headed to Dallas and seriously did not stop talking the entire time! I love these girls and it was so wonderful to hang out in person! It feels like I have known them both for years. And neither of them were crazy stalker middle aged men... always a plus. ha!

Friday night we went to dinner at a tex mex place. Honestly, it wasn't good food and the service wasn't great. I got avocado enchiladas and pretty much just ate the avocado out of the middle. Whitney said her food wasn't good either and had about three bites. Leah just got cheesedip... and we all shared that. We spent less than $25 there between the three of us that night! Since we all drank water, I'd say we did pretty good being three girls on a budget! Our hubby's will be proud! We did end up leaving a rather large tip, because we were asked to, but that was no big deal :)
(Whitney, Angie, me, Leah)

We left a little early because we decided we wanted to see a movie. And the cigarette smoke coming in was disgusting. The movie we saw was Soul Surfer. We went to a late show and maybe that was the issue, but none of us were just overly impressed with it! I was expecting so much more! Everyone had given it rave reviews! We still had fun though.

We woke up Saturday morning and Becky came to meet us at our hotel! Can I just say how much I love this girl?! She is adorable and oh so sweet. We went to brunch at Breadwinners Cafe. And oh my word... it was delicious! Whitney and I both got the Santa Fe scramble. Eggs, cheese, black beans, salsa, and sour cream... can you say a heaven?! And it came with brunch potatoes, delish!!

(Leah and Whitney)

(Becky and I)

After brunch we left to head to Sprinkles!! I am a girl who loves cupcakes... ya know I am the baker. ha! 

(this picture cracks me up.. we were getting some funny looks! But a bloggers gotta do what a bloggers gotta do! Haha!)

From Sprinkles we headed to Northpark Mall. In other words... we went to spend money. :) Northpark has my absolute favorite store ever. The Paper Source is seriously my version of heaven. I have quite the ridiculous obsession! I got some really cute cards, paper, and a few little gifts. I seriously could have spent every penny I had in that store. I love it!!
(Becky in my version of Heaven!)

We split up from the big group Saturday night to go have dinner with a few other DFW locals. We went to a delicious place called MoMo's. It was SO good! We had the best time laughing and chatting with these ladies! 
{Britni and Jenn are in front and Leah, Whitney, Ashley and I are in back)

On the way home Sunday, we stopped in Allen to check out the outlet malls. The three of us ended up having to step into the Columbia store to buy jackets! It was so very cold and all we had was light cardigans. We found a fleece on clearance for $15! And its red, so it is great for Razorback games! We did look silly all walking around the mall in matching jackets! ha!

Brad, Whitney's husband, had offered to feed Leah and I before we headed back to central Arkansas, but got news of some really bad flooding. I was actually told the street heading into my neighborhood was closed! We got worried and decided to skip dinner and head straight home! We got home safe and sound, but were very worried for awhile!

On that note, please keep all of the south in your prayers, with the tornadoes, storms and now flooding, we are just devastated. We have to get a new roof, but feel so very blessed that is the only thing we are dealing with!!

** I borrowed a good number of these pictures from Whitney's blog! I somehow did not take any during dinner either day! Crazy, considering I had my camera the entire time.**