Monday, June 4, 2012

24 weeks!

Yay! We are growing and moving right along in this pregnancy! My guy has REALLY started moving and kicking like crazy. He found my bladder yesterday and is using it as his personal trampoline. Haha!

Time for the questionnaire again!
How far along? 24 weeks, 3 days
Total weight gain/loss? I've gained 5.5 back of the 19 I lost. Yay! I'm sure I won't be excited about that gain for much longer. ;)
Maternity clothes? Oh yes.

Stretch marks? Not yet.
Sleep? This week has been rough. I can no longer sleep on my stomach so Im trying to find a new position for sleeping!
Mood? I cry all. the. time. Like this week when I started crying while driving down the interstate. Over The Office. As in the show. That I haven't watched in a least 6 months. Yep. Hysterical.
Best moment last week? He has REALLY started moving. A ton. It is pretty much the best feeling in the world! And we got to hear his heartbeat again this morning. Best sound in the world.
Movement? Tons.
Food cravings? I just really want milk. And I can't have it.
Sex? BOY! Nathaniel Paul!
Labor signs? Umm. No.
Belly button in/out? In.
What I miss: having normal bladder control. Hahaha!
What I am looking forward to: getting started on his sweet nursery. I cannot wait to make a space in our home just for him!
Milestones: that he has reached the viability point. Yay :)

I can't stop making things for the little guy. Really, I can't. It's a sickness. Here are a few of his mommy-made items!

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