Wednesday, November 10, 2010

14 - A List.

1. I love US Pizza. It's my favorite. We had it twice this week.
2. I have 16 days until I get my new camera. SIXTEEN. Tyler is making me wait until Black Friday to see if the one I'm getting goes on sale. hmmmph
3. Tyler's dreams of Google TV were dashed earlier this week when he found out he can't watch HULU on it. It was sad day in Tyler's World (similar to Elmo's World)
4. My sweet dog has a doctor's appointment on Friday. I'd appreciate all the prayers we can get. We are really hoping for an easy fix and for him not to be too sick.
5. I bought a sparkly pink lunchbox today, I intend to embroider it. I sometimes pretend I am 5.
6. When both sides of your family have divorces, planning Holidays is stressful. Already.
7. I made lingerie invites today. It was weird, but they are gorgeous!
8. Sonic Vanilla Diet Coke.
9. I need a sofa table/entertainment center/something for our TV to sit on in our house. I gave the one we had to my best friend when we moved in to mom's basement. I want a tall one, shockingly difficult to find. Unless of course I plan to spend $5000. Not happening.
10. I love the Pioneer Woman. She's my favorite. I have a gagillion of her recipes printed, even though I won't make 1/2 of them because they have lots of meat, and I don't eat meat, therefore I stink at preparing it. Tyler gets to take care of that on his own.
11. I desperately want a cookie cake. I don't even like cookie cakes, but everyone on Twitter has been abuzz about them for 2 days. Darn them.
12. Does anyone else think its crazy that the Duggar's don't have a single ugly kid? They make crazy pretty babies. Also, they are very blessed to have had so many healthy children. Even their preemie is healthy, at least as much to be expected for someone born so early! I noticed this earlier today when I caught up with quite a few 19 Kids and Counting. A lot of people can't stand them, but I have some serious respect and admiration for that woman. I don't necessarily agree with having that many, I just don't think it is healthy for her. But, she is doing a fantastic job raising Godly, respectful children.
13. Nothing else, that is all.

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