Sunday, November 14, 2010

16 - Crazy, busy day!

Holy cow! It is 8:32 and I am just now sitting down! I honestly had planned to write this around 5. oops. We had a fantastic day together today! I am so excited when T gets to have a Sunday off work. It makes me happy! We started out the day in my most favorite way... Yum! 
 Starbucks Peppermint White Mocha. Delish. 

After experiencing the wonderfulness that is Starbucks on a Sunday morning, we headed to That Church. 
We had absolutely ZERO expectations here. We really had never heard anything about it, we've just driven by  and decided to check it out. Honestly, this is so not the place for us. Everyone was super nice and we did enjoy the message, but it just didn't feel right. Does that make sense? We walked in and immediately met about 20 people. Seriously, all of them were friendly. But it might be a requirement to be nice to new people. The first thing that was said to us was "We are all about the Holy Spirit working." While I agree with that statement, it was kind of the first red flag. I like a few "rules" at church, or it can get to be a little, eh, iffy. I honestly expected to see people running around and speaking in tongues after we were told that. I think probably because the only other time that has been an opening line is when I had a Pentecostal friend in college. Nothing against that, but her church is very much a speak in tongues and get the evil out by doing so kind of a place. Now, That Church isn't like what my first impression was, but still isn't going to be our permanent home. The pastor had about a 3 minute schpeal on why we should give financially. Personally, I believe we should give because it has been placed on our hearts by God. Period. I don't need someone to tell me otherwise... I do believe in tithing, but I also think that you should do as God asks you personally. It was just odd. And then his sermon was about how God is not there to make everything all lovey dovey (true, to an extent, He really does want it to be perfect, but we have sin. and that sucks); that he wants to show us suffering (false-that'd be the devil); and that the TV pastors are all wrong in asking for money (had some good points-money doesn't buy health- but over all, was a little off point). And, there were A LOT of Amens and that's rights during the sermon. A little too southern baptist for this Lutheran girl and Episcopal boy. 

After that interesting experience, we headed to the Summit Church. I know a few people who go there and have heard some good things about it. Figured we might as well try it.
 And right off the bat, we felt welcome. We really enjoyed the music and the service here. I don't know if this is for sure the right place, but it was a nice place to be. Both of us got chills during the worship time, which is always a plus. We really felt the Lord's presence in this place. And the pastor's sermon had a lot to do with helping the less fortunate. As a fighter for homeless folks and immigrants, he had me from hello. There was one guy who was really into it. He must've been filled with the Holy Spirit or something. He praised like nothing I have ever seen before. I told Tyler I thought he might need a nap after church. I'm not trying to poke fun, just stating something that seriously stuck out to me at this particular church. 

So far, Summit and Journey are the top 2 on our list. Now, we just have to pray. We desperately need the Lord to lead us to where we should be and we need to step way out of the picture and follow Him.

After our double dose of Jesus, we headed for lunch! We haven't eaten at Senor Ts in quite some time, so I was pretty darn excited! 
 It was delicious, as always...

 I totally only took a picture of this chip and salsa because it looked like a shark fin. haha! I'm a nerd.

 My handsome man :)

After lunch, we ran a few errands, T got a haircut and I got a tshirt to make a birthday present for a special little guy! Last night I realized I didn't have a gift for my cousin's 3rd birthday party that was today at 3:30. Oops! So, I just whipped up an adorable cape (if I do say so myself), he had a superhero/spiderman party and I thought this would be perfect! It was so fun and quick to make! I hope he LOVES it! 
I also decided I wanted to make him a little matching tshirt (hence the after lunch trip to WM). 
I am so glad I did. It looked so good together!

 And this is what I came home to after the party... 
 haha! He had been napping the whole time! The only reason I didn't have him go was because he was supposed to go up to school to study. Yea, he didn't get that done. 

Once I got home, we decided it was way past time to head to dinner.
 T took this pic of me, he is getting really good with the camera!

And, we went to Jason's. For one thing and one thing only... 
This man loves him some ice cream :) Actually, its soft-serve, if I don't get it right I might get in trouble! ha! 


  1. Sounds like a super busy day! Good with church hunting-we did that as a family when I was really little. We were Calvinist Prebs (super super fundamentalists) and then we went on the church hunt when our pastor moved. So we started hunting & even tried out Grace Lutheran in Hillcrest. But we ended up at the Catholic Church and my parents were hooked and so that's where we stayed.

    I love the blog design! You did good!

    I think it's very cool that you're for immigrants rights! I'm on board with that too!

  2. PS I've been lookin' for your blog link! Glad you commented today!

  3. Love your new blog design!

    And I just have to say, we LOVE The Summit!! We have fam & friends that are members there. Wonderful pastor & people.

    That cape is adorable. You are crafty!