Thursday, March 3, 2011

30 - Long time, no see...

I'm the Worlds Worst Blogger. Seriously, I need a trophy. I have no excuse except that life got busy and I chose to waste time doing other things. ha!

So, since I haven't touched this thing since December 16th, I suppose its time for some catch up.

Christmas was wonderful. We spent time with Tyler's dad's family and my family. I surprised him with an iPad and I was SO excited that I kept it a secret. That is for real a feat for me.

After the holidays were over, we got to go to New Orleans with Tyler's dad and stepmom for the Sugar Bowl! We were so excited that our Razorbacks got there and we had an absolute blast. Even if the Hogs lost. I kept telling people that the folks watching at home were way more upset about the loss than those of us there. We had Bourbon Street to go to afterward :)

As soon as we came back from New Orleans, we got right into moving. The renters had seriously destroyed our house in the 3 months prior to them moving out. But that is such a ridiculous story that it needs its own blog post. But the good news is, we are moved in and slowly but surely getting everything put away. Its really just my studio that is left, but it takes forever! ha! The month of January and early February really were all moving days. It took that long. Maybe that's why I didn't blog.

Tyler's birthday was last weekend. He took off the entire weekend, which is SO rare. Ya know what we did? Nothing. Nada. I was sick the ENTIRE time. From Friday until Tuesday I was in bed with the flu and bronchitis. Fun times. So to make up for being on my death bed the weekend of his actual birthday, we decided to take a day trip Monday to Memphis and just hang out. We had a really good time. It was supposed to be gorgeous weather all day in the 60s. And it was, until about 11:30. The Weather Channel failed us and we were so cold by the afternoon! We toughed it out anyway and went to the zoo. I am so glad we did because we were pretty much the only ones there and had so much fun! Zoo's have a magical power of turning adults into children. And its wonderful.

I suppose this is it for now. Hopefully I will not ignore my little blog anymore! I have a couple of great recipes I need to get posted! Motivation, folks!

Also, I'll add pictures this afternoon, but its time to go to work!

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