Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge {Day 12 - your most treasured item}

My most treasured item is my engagement/wedding ring. Not at all because of monetary value, but because of what they mean and symbolize. My sweet husband searched high and low to find the perfect ring to express his love for me. He didn't let me see my band until our wedding day and I loved the surprise and that he got to see my face before anyone else. I was so surprised and impressed. I am so glad I gave him zero guidance and let him do his thing. I love wearing these rings to look at every day to remind myself of the vow we made and the life we live together. It's pretty fantastic to do life with him. 

PS I need to write about the proposal one day... his goal was to surprise me. He did.

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  1. Beautiful, I love my ring too! My husband did good!