Friday, March 18, 2011

It's been quite the boring week... :)

We are sitting here on the couch watching the Social Network. I'm on Facebook, twitter and blogger all at the same time. Do all people do that when they watch this movie?

We haven't had a whole lot going on this week. Tyler has worked or been at school almost every day this week, so just sitting on the couch is great! We did have homegroup Thursday and it was HUGE I think there were 22 people there (kids and adults) and we had a great time. I so enjoy the church and the people God led us to and feel incredibly blessed to have found them. 

This Sunday we are having Tyler's dad, stepmom and our sisters-in-law over for his very belated birthday dinner. We are very excited to have them come over! It has been way too long since we all got to hang out. And this means T actually gets a day off. Kinda great.

The only other exciting thing happening in our lives is that Tyler is changing up his work schedule, at least for this month. We will see how it works out, but for the time being he will be off Thursdays and Sundays!! Which means he can go to church and homegroup all month! Also, he's changed his time at work from 11am-11pm to 1pm-1am. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this yet, but Tyler seems to really want the change. We shall see!

Have a fantastic weekend!!! 

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