Monday, March 28, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge {Day 9 - something you're scared of}


I hate them.

I contemplate how long it would take me to roll down my window and unbuckle my seatbelt every single time I cross one over water. I usually drive with one hand on the window button. Just in case.

I hate all bridges, but one in particular puts me in tears. Not even kidding. I despise this bridge:

 {photo credit}
{photo credit}

Beautiful bridge, right? It's the Astoria bridge in Astoria, Oregon. The first time I went over it, 1/2 was covered by fog. I pretty much thought the bridge was broken and we wouldn't be able to get across and therefore we would be dying. I'm a little irrational sometimes. This summer when we went to Astoria, I purposely drove the longer way so that I wouldn't have to cross the bridge. I knew I wouldn't be able to without breaking down and I was the one driving! Tyler had never been to Astoria and had no clue there was a shorter way... I'm sneaky like that. I did tell him once we got to town though!


  1. I am scared of bridges too!! I always hold my breath when I go over them!

  2. I totally get it. Bridges somewhat freak me out. But that looks pretty! I heard there are some bridges where there is someone PAID to drive your car across!