Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Memphis Trip - Tyler's birthday.

I'm blogging out of order. Sorry y'all. I suppose I should actually do NOLA/Sugar Bowl first, but that was 2 months ago. And 3 days long. It's gonna take awhile. ha! Just be happy I'm here, dangit!

I was REALLY sick on T's actual birthday weekend. I had 102+ fever for 5 days. It was miserable. And I'm pretty sure Tyler was not too happy about it either. So to make up for me being on my death bed, I decided we should take a little day trip. We headed up to Memphis last Monday and had so much fun just hanging out together. We didn't really plan much, other than the Pottery Barn Outlet and the zoo.

The weather channel told us it was supposed to be in the 60s all day. They failed. I was in a flimsy short sleeve blouse and Tyler was in short sleeves and shorts! When we walked into Pottery Barn it was close to 60. When we walked out it was 48. No lie. And of course neither of us had jackets. Oops. But we were determined to enjoy our day anyway!

When we left PB (which, by the way, I spent under $20! I told T it was his birthday present. ha!) we headed around the corner to Huey's. Neither of us had been there and it definitely did not disappoint. I didn't take my camera in, so no photographic evidence, but trust me, it was GOOD! After we filled our bellies, we decided to brave the zoo. I'm not really sure if it was an intelligent decision (remember we're in the 40's now) but we still had a great time. Tyler desperately wanted to see the Panda bears, bless him. The Memphis Zoo is a great zoo and we love having it so close by. And here is where I invade your computer with Zoo pictures. Enjoy

Please ignore my flat hair. It had been a long day. :)

He's kind of special.
Entrance to the Panda Exhibit!

Check out the Panda smiling with Tyler. ha! I died when I saw this.


Please ignore the fact that I'm awkwardly pulling my shirt down. I am eternally worried that my shirt will come up and my belly will show. ha! 

I don't honestly know what this place was, but it it right in front of the bears, wolves and some birds. And it was heated. And had a fire. We may have spent a good bit of time warming up in here!
And this is where Tyler got a little snap happy... Although, this is better than the 17 pictures of my booty he apparently took instead of taking pictures of the animals. ha! Bless him.
This is a view of the outside of that wonderfully warm lodge. And of course my husband.

This bear was my favorite. He sits the same way our dog, Bear, sits. ha!

And onto another heated building! The amphibians. Yikes. 
How creepy is this? I may have

This guy's head looks just like a leaf. CREEPY!

On our way out we got to see the Cats. I am always so amazed at the creatures God put on this earth. They are so stinkin' beautiful. Scary. But, still beautiful

 After the zoo, I decided we had to visit Sun Studio. You see, my lovely husband had never been and I happen to love Sun. they have a great tour and I love the history. Sun is where Elvis was discovered, in case you didn't know. And here is where I invade your computer with Sun Studio pictures. Enjoy these, too.

Our Tour guide. He was a hoot and absolutely loved his job!

Tyler with a bunch of Elvis' things. 

Since Sun is still a working recording studio, all of the instruments in the room are used and you aren't supposed to touch them. Tyler doesn't listen well. But, interesting fact, this drum kit was used by U2 on their latest album when they came to record a few songs here.

However, this was allowed to be touched. This mic is original to the room. Which means famous folks back in the day probably recorded on it. So fun. And Tyler's quite the rock star, eh? ha!

When we were done with all the touristy stuff, we went downtown to grab a bite to eat before we headed home. I didn't take a single picture, but we ate at B.B. Kings on Beale. Can we talk about the fried pickles? Probably not, I should keep them a secret. But holy moly, they are tasty.

On another note... I have got some SERIOUS baby fever. I always have a hint of the fever, but this week it has been hardcore. Out. Of. Control. And quite honestly, posting these photos doesn't make it better. I cannot wait for the day we get to take our kids with us. Tyler is so joyous and I can't wait to see our kids' faces light up the way his does when they see new and exciting things. It makes my heart so very happy.


  1. I think you should have a baby SOON!!! :)

  2. Your blog is super cute...following over from twitter!