Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge {Day 5 - A picture of your siblings}

I have a huge family. My mom has been married a couple times and with those marriages came some awesome brothers and sisters. I have 1 actual 1/2 brother, but the rest are just steps. My dad and stepmom also have a daughter, she's a step, too, but my dad did adopt her, so she's legally mine. ha! The easiest way to do this is by age! ha! This might get a little confusing, 

This is Taylor with my mama at my wedding. He got married this fall in Vegas! We didn't go, but got to watch live online. It was pretty awesome.

This is Katie (and Jeni and I in the background). Her husband Mike is the biggest Hog fan I know :)

{Mike and Tyler after our Hogs beat LSU!!}

This is Matthew, he's my real brother. He's an awesome kid. 
{taken at Katie's wedding reception}

This is Jeni. She's Katie's real sister. She's an amazing violinist and I made her mad at my wedding because I wouldn't let her be a bridesmaid because I wanted her to play. We made a compromise and she got to wear a bridesmaid's dress. ha!

This is Averie and I at my wedding. She's my dad and stepmom's daughter. She goes to the high school that is in Twilight. (interesting fact... the high school shown isn't actually in Forks. Because Forks high school is yuck.). Also. I hate Twilight.

Here is a recent picture of  everyone on my Mama's side :) We are missing Taylor's wife Allisa and we added in Matthew's girlfriend Danielle. 
{family dinner at Mom's house - everyone's looking a little rough}

{Tyler, Me, Mike, Katie, Mom and Matthew at Mike and Katie's wedding}

And here are my sisters in law! Amanda and Sarah. Love them! I am so glad they were part of the package when I married T! And they are going to be parents to twins this fall! I'm still so stinkin' excited.

I seriously adore all of my siblings. They are hysterical and I can't imagine life without them!

{confession, I stole a good 1/2 of these from Facebook. ha! My computer is still on the fritz so I'm using Tyler's netbook and don't have any pictures stored on here!}

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