Thursday, December 16, 2010

29 - Kelly Moore Bag

Ya know how I got a fancy schmancy new camera as an early Christmas present? And how much I love it? Well, I did and I do. It's awesome and I am so grateful for it. But... it needs a home. A permanent home in a pretty bag. I have LOVED Kelly Moore bags, ummm, well, forever. The first time I saw one, I honestly debated just getting it as a purse! But now that I have a valid reason to buy one, I've been looking again. Just look at this awesomeness.


Arent they all fabulous?! I would love any of them, but the one I've really had my eye on is this one...

Can you say lovely? This is just such a beautiful and understated bag! I adore the gray color and the hobo style is my absolute favorite. I also really like the mustard color in this style! 

You should totally hop on over to the Kelly Moore website and check them out for yourself! I will definitely be buying one just as soon as Christmas is over!

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  1. I've been drooling over KM bags for so long. Someday.... :)