Sunday, December 5, 2010

24 - No Internet is No Fun

Our cable/internet has been out for 2 weeks. I'm going to scream. I have screamed. At the Comcast people.

The best way to catch up is in list form. It won't be in order, because I'm special like that.

1. Tyler has been going 15 hours a day for the last 7 days. He will be gone 15 hours a day for the next 4. I miss him. And he is working Christmas day. Boo.

2. I went to home group with the lovely folks at JC. I really like them.

3. My Bunko group had our Christmas party Friday night. It was so much fun! My friend Randy brought this cake... and I was sent home with it.

4. Randi's son, Caleb, who I have watched since he was 4 months old and who was the ring bearer in our wedding is turning 7 today. I'm refusing to accept this. Kind of like I refuse to accept that I'm 25. Ew.

5. I'm at Barnes and Noble because of the internet situation. There is a girl who I can only assume is talking to herself and has been for 30 minutes. I don't have headphones with me. Bad idea.

6. I saw this driving home yesterday and pulled into our driveway and immediately went up to the ridge by our house, where we watch the fireworks each year, and took a million pictures. I think it is so beautiful.

7. I got my things back from the Painted Pig. I'm not super happy with the lettering on my chip and dip bowl, but I will live. It ran pretty bad. Oh well.

8. Christmas cards are almost done. Most are in envelopes and labels are on them! Woohoo! Here's a sneakpeek. They will be in the mail this week!

9. A gal on twitter was talking about searching for an ornament to commemorate her pregnancy and about all she could find was odd clay embryos and fetuses. I told her to go to Painted Pig and do her own, she liked the idea and found out I painted and asked if I would paint one for her. I did. She posted on her well read blog. I have sold 10. She's my new favorite. Here is her ornament... its darling isn't it? I love them, now to get painting on the rest of them!

10. I'm currently having a twitter discussion on mustaches and how they creep me out. With a pastor.

11. Have I mentioned Tyler works Christmas Day? Have I also mentioned my mom works Christmas day? This makes me sad.

12. The bowl game announcements are tonight. I can't wait!

13. Please go to this site and vote for couple #1. It's Faith's sister, Grace. I don't know if you read her blog, but you should :)

14. My New Year's resolution is going to be to take one picture a day and post about it for 365 days. I created another blog to do this on so I don't invade your google reader or blogger dashboard. I just decided that since I got this fancy new camera, I need to learn to use it. And because I am the laziest scrapbooker ever (I just printed our wedding photos last week-thats lazy) I needed a way to document like I used to :)

15. The End. See you when our internet comes back, because I can't stand coming back to barnes and noble for fear of this chick being here again.

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