Monday, December 13, 2010

26 - Garvan Woodland Gardens

I love Christmas time. I love all of the traditions we have. I love being able to see family and friends. I love celebrating Jesus' birth. I love Christmas songs. I love looking at lights. I love laughing at tacky lights. I love wrapping gifts. I love it all! 

One of the traditions we have started in the last few years is to go to Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs and see the Lights on the Landscape. My grandparents live in Hot Springs Village and the last few years, we have gone to spend the weekend with them and we've all gone together. I have some pretty hysterical grandparents and we have a blast hanging out with them!

Here are some Garvan Gardens photos. I didn't take many of the weekend, just at the garden!

These are gigantic chandeliers hanging from the trees.

The newest addition to the Lights, a train! The wheels look like they are moving and you can get up there and walk through it! So cool.

Entering Kiddie Land.

T is glowing. ha!

I married a five year old. He is trying to poke the toy soldier.

Again, he's five. I walked out of the gingerbread house and he was high fiving a ginger bread man. Special.

Do any of you watch NCIS? Here, he is getting "Gibbsed" by the gingerbread guy. He was apparently jealous of the high five the other guy got.

I love this hummingbird so much!

This might be my favorite part...

The only thing I would change is for them to add Christmas music throughout the park. I think it would add to the experience. 

We had such a good time with the grandparents and can't wait to see them again. I see them a lot throughout the year, but nothing quite seals the "You're our favorite" deal more than spending the weekend with them! And, just for the record, I am absolutely the favorite. You can ask anyone. Except my aunt, she will lie. ;)

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