Monday, December 13, 2010

25 - Oh Christmas Tree

We just put our Christmas tree up. Well, actually, we had the tree up last Sunday, but got all of the decorations put up Saturday night. I feel so much better with it up! Last year, we had a Christmas Ficus because we didn't own a fake and didn't want to put up the cash for a real like we had always done before. But this year, my wonderful sisters in law blessed us with the gift of their old tree! It is such a pretty tree and I am so thankful! And I just couldn't handle a second year of the Christmas Ficus, I had some serious issues with that! ha!

Here is our beautiful tree with some of the gifts under it.

My favorite ornament from childhood. These were my great grandmothers and I love them.

I just like this wreath, it is a real boxwood wreath.

And my favorite newer ornament.

I have lots of other favorite ornaments, but decided not to photograph every ornament on the tree!

And here are my gifts! I love them. I love giving presents and it makes me happy to see them under the tree!

We really haven't decorated the rest of the house, and probably won't. There isn't much time to Christmas anyway, and we are moving the day we get back from the SUGAR BOWL. Yep, we're going. And I can't wait. I have the most awesome in laws ever!

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  1. Thanks for taking me along on the the name of your blog:) I’m having a Christmas Open House on the 16th…would love to have you join in!