Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Barefoot in the Preschool

Surely everyone knows what TOMS shoes are. They are the most wonderfully comfortable shoes in the world and for every pair purchased, a pair is sent to a child who doesn't have shoes. I've sent just a few pairs out. :) I love them. I pretty much wear them every day. I think I've shared this picture on here before, but why not post again, all in the spirit of TOMS. ha! It's my favorite.
(aaand I can't get it to rotate. Sorry.)

Yesterday was their One Day Without Shoes to raise awareness. It was quite the challenge, but I did it most of the day. I wasn't allowed to while on campus, which was kind of ok with me... I don't want ringworm ;) But my favorite part of the day was having the kids in my class go without shoes, too. They thought it was very special! I did explain to them why we were going without shoes and why Ms. Niki didn't have shoes on... I doubt they got it, but I tried. Start awareness early! But here is my class and I going one day without shoes. 

Next year you should try it if you have the opportunity.

** 30 day photo challenge will be up this afternoon :) **


  1. I want a pair so bad!! And how did you get them custom made?

  2. I painted them myself :) But I tweeted you that.