Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge {Day 19 - a picture of your typical day}

So I'm a little behind and I am going to play catch up this morning. Sorry if I totally invade your reader!

I don't really have a "typical" day. Some days I nanny, some days I teach at the preschool and some days I am home cleaning and cooking, it all just depends, but I took a few pics with my phone at the preschool this week, so it's what I'm gonna show!

These are my kiddos sitting patiently for circle time to start while Ms. Niki tells them to sit still while she takes a picture. ha! Bless their hearts.

This is one of the things we do during circle time. They are called our "hellos" and we learn to say hello in all of these languages. And yes, they know them all and what language most of them are. They still get a little tripped up every once in awhile. And because I always get asked, yes, I know them too. haha!

And this is one place we go for playtime. There is also a playground and a gym inside, but when they desperately need to run some energy out, they get to come to this big open field and run. You see the little guy in the red shirt close to the front. He loves me and rarely leaves my side. When he does, he always comes back to tell me where he's been. It's adorable.

And this is my favorite time of the day. Naptime. Enough said.

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