Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge {Day 18 - a picture of something you miss}

This is such a shallow post. I suppose I could put certain people, relationships, etc. But I'm not gonna. Because its my blog and I don't have to :) Of course I miss certain people, but right this second, the thing that is on my mind is how much I miss this place...

Seaside, Florida. 

We really love Seaside, but in reality, I just miss Florida beaches in general. We haven't had a beach vacation since our honeymoon and that is a long time for someone like me who is used to going every year! And our honeymoon was a cruise, so not really even much of a beach vacation. Oregon beaches so don't count. They are nothing like the beaches I love! 
Hopefully we will be taking a beach trip this summer! Fingers crossed that all of our plans work out!

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