Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What'll It Be?

Since our big reveal party is on Sunday I decided to post a little quiz to guess what the baby's sex is. All of these old wives tales make me laugh, but are fun to look at!

1. Carrying high-girl, carrying low-boy.
I can't tell. I think low, but I'm not sure. What do y'all think?

2. Baby's heart beat. Above 140- girl, below-boy.
It's been between 150 and 160 these last 2 appointments. So this would say girl.

3. Cravings. Salty-boy, sweet girl.
I've had 3 cravings this entire pregnancy, fresh squeezed lemonade at the beginning, then an orange roll from a restaurant in NWA and last night I needed Oreos. So bad. (which made me sick, but whatevs, they were delicious)
So? I guess the majority of this would say girl.

3. Chinese Gender Chart.
Funny story. Our estimated conception date is new years day. We didn't see each other that day. We don't actually know when we conceived. But, if it was in January, babe is a boy, in December it'll be a girl. Lots of help, huh?

4. Even/odd. Same as above. I'm
26. If conceived in 2011, it would be one even and one odd and that means boy. If in 2012, 2 evens means girl.

5. Complexion. This one says if you are breaking out than your girl baby is stealing your good looks.
While I don't have a lot of pimples, I do break out in hives almost daily. Haha! Same thing?

6. Morning Sickness.
All signs point to girl on this one.

7. Face weight gain. If your face is rounder than it'll be a girl.
No face gain so far, so this one says boy.

8. Pregnancy Mood Swings. If you are the Jeckyll and Hyde of pregnancy, then you're having a girl.
Considering I've cried over thin mints, I'd say I have some mood swings.

9. Soft hands is girl, dry is boy.
Definitely boy on this one.

10. If you are a graceful pregnant woman, it should be a girl, if you're more clumsy, then it's a boy.
Considering I have more unexplained bruises than ever before I'm gonna go with boy on this one. Haha!

Now my vote is boy. It has been since about 10 weeks. I can't really explain it, but I just have this feeling! I can't wait to find out so I can call babe by his or her name. I seriously have NO preference on what this babe is. Im just glad everything looks great so far!

4 days, people! FOUR DAYS!

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  1. These are hilarious! I have the boy signs for complexion and face weight gain. I'm normally clumsy anyway, so I've been trying to be more careful. Not sure I could say I'm more or less so!

  2. I love the old wives tales! Although almost all of mine said boy and I had a girl. I almost want to say girl for you, but I hate going against mother's intuition! So I'll say boy!