Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Today was such a fun day of celebrating all the mama's in our lives. Made even better by celebrating me! We went to brunch with T's dad, stepmom, our sisters in law and nieces! We always have a blast with them and today was no different. D & E are almost 7 months and its a hilarious and fun age! I painted my mother in law a frame for her to put a picture of all the grand babies in next fall! She loved it!

When we left the Richmond side we went to see my mama at work. She was pretty excited to see her favorite people. We took her an orchid from us and Baby R picked out a bud vase just for her. ;) I also made her cry in front of her coworkers with the card I got and the note inside. I consider this a win. Ha!

This afternoon we had a great family nap, went to see my grandma and went to eat dinner. It really was a great day!

Funny story about the earrings I am wearing. They are from Bridier Baubles. And I apparently bought them in my sleep! Ha! They arrived the exact same day I sent Tyler a list from their website to get me. I have NO recollection of buying them. I've been wanting some for awhile, but because we're having a baby, Tyler's having surgery and mother's day, our anniversary and my birthday are all within a month, I never hit purchase. Or so I thought. I looked back and I bought them around 1 am one night. Hysterical. The box arrived, I looked perplexed, and handed it to T. I told him he was off the hook for one holiday! Can't say he complained ;)

And just for fun, Tyler's cousin got married last night and I noticed the bump in the mirror after dinner. Eep! I love seeing it and knowing the babe is growing every day!

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  1. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner...I am 24 weeks pregnant, so we are not too far apart. Hope your pregnancy is going well!

  2. I just love that precious boy and watching you in your role as Momma!!! :)