Monday, August 1, 2011

The First of Many

I am not usually someone who freaks out over the small stuff. I really try not to worry about things that are out of my control. In other words. I am SO not Type A.

So this morning may have freaked T out just a bit when I panicked over not being able to find a folder. I have never in my life panicked like I did today. This particular folder is always in the same spot. But we are flip-flopping some things around and it apparently found a new home. This folder happens to have ALL of our C.A.L.L. and DHS  stuff in it. I can't really explain the amount of paperwork I thought I had lost. Months of filling out forms. Our birth certificates. Insurance information and OUR MARRIAGE LICENSE.

At one point I ended up in the floor of our bedroom sitting in a meditation position breathing deeply, counting to ten and praying. I was praying over a folder. But after I got up from my self induced calm-down-you-are-legitimately-freaking-out-your-husband session, I got back up and began to look again. And I found it. Everything. It had just fallen behind something else.

Then I posted to twitter. ;) And my sweet friend Kim "reassured" me that this would be the first of many panic attacks I have during this process. Kim was one of the first to find out we were doing this. She has 2 adorable miracle boys. One by the blessing of adoption and one by the blessing of biology. Both equally and perfectly hers. She is seriously such a blessing to me. I have asked her multiple questions and she has been so wonderful and patient answering them all. I told Kim I needed to mark this day in the calendar as one of our "firsts" during this season. She suggested I start a journal. Pretty perfect since I just bought a new composition book last week. It has a new duty.

Now that I have gotten this first panic session out of the way, we'll wait for the many more to come. For today, I am going to organize and print off the rest of the forms we have. Hopefully not too many to give me carpal tunnel.

The first is always the hardest, right? :)

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  1. Big FAIL... I thought I had commented here, but I didn't. I guess that explains why I left it in my reader. HA! You will have lots of freakouts... to be sure, but just always know in your heart that you are doing EXACTLY what God has planned for you. And it is ALL worth it!