Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shreveport Weekend

I have tried to blog a few times, but blogger hates me and decides to not allow it! So I'm trying again! I have quite a few things to update, so hopefully the ol' blog with allow it! Also... warning... A LOT of pictures in this post!

A few weekends ago we went to Shreveport, LA for one of T's best friend's wedding. Greg was a groomsman in our wedding and married the sweetest girl ever, Carly! I'm going to be completely honest and let y'all know that I was NOT looking forward to this weekend. We were going to be gone 3 days and I really only knew Greg, Tyler and Matt another groomsman (who was also my senior prom date. haha!). I also had met a few other people, but for the most part, I was looking at a weekend of knowing no one and my husband being busy the whole time with wedding festivities. But what it ended up was SO much better! I had such a good time and got to make a few new friends and reconnect with a few old friends.

Greg and Carly's rehearsal dinner was at a steakhouse (umm yea, I'm a vegetarian, probably one of the reasons I wasn't looking forward to the weekend) and it ended up being really good! The folks at our table were super fun and we honestly laughed the entire time. The highlight of the night was most definitely when Greg's dad kissed the guy sitting next to me... on the lips... and it was caught on camera. I. About. Died. It was just ridiculously funny.

(T, Greg and Matt)

On Saturday all the boys had a get together for a cookout and all that means to me is that I got free time to shop! Ha! I actually didn't get a whole lot for me, but got quite a few things for our neices who are due this fall! I love outlet shopping :)

(I really didn't have a choice on whether or not to buy these. I told my SIL that I get the good twin. haha!)

Saturday night was wedding night and it was eventful from beginning to end. Seriously. I sat in the balcony and could see T fidgeting from the get go! At first it was driving me nuts, because everyone else was still, but I quickly realized he was the one making the good decision - locked knees are no bueno. Carly looked absolutely beautiful and they got married in a gorgeous building! I believe it is called the Scottish Rite Temple. But I could totally be wrong. haha! As they started the ceremony everyone in the balcony notices Mike (groom's dad, also best man) start to sway. The boys had been joking all day with the pastor that if he started to sway it was a sign to hurry on up! So the pastor kind of made a joke and Matt stood Mike back up. Unfortunately it totally wasn't a joke. After that first sway, he completely lost it and passed out! It was so scary! Greg, Matt and Tyler picked him up and took him out of the room and all I hear is Tyler yelling at everyone to lay him down. Apparently he had also stopped breathing. After they laid him down he started breathing again and they got the show back on the road. It was seriously bizarre and I was nervous for awhile!

The reception was in the same building as the ceremony which is quite convenient. ha! We were all dolled up and got to chat with some people that I haven't seen in years all night. My favorite was quite possibly Greg's grooms cake. So stinkin' cute! Greg went to Arkansas, but grew up in Shreveport.

Dr. and Mrs. Kintzing!

(I love these three!)

 (groom's sister, Sidney)

 (this is for real my favorite picture from the whole weekend. Hilarious. They really are best friends, Matt was the best man in our wedding. But this is totally my husband "punching" my prom date.)

 (See... they love each other)

 (Matt and Carly)

Just for kicks... this is apparently my "disapproving" face. :) I was telling T that he had to drink more water and he started snapping photos. And then Matt said. Oh wow, we have to take her home, now! haha! Needless to say, the sober girl went back to the hotel while the wedding party went to a bar around the corner from where we were staying. I'm not a night owl, anyway. ;)

And I am only sharing this super blurry picture so I can tell you how ridiculous the evening ended. This is one of the groom's friends from high school. He was at our table at the rehearsal dinner, so we got to chat quite a bit over the two days. He's hilarious and lives in China. See the random dude in the background? He's also one of Greg's friends from high school. We know him from college. We aren't fans. But shortly after Tyler took this picture of Chatham and I, Will sat down and chunked a FULL water bottle across the table at him.Out of nowhere. It almost hit me. And it did end up cutting a gash in Chatham's head!!! I was in disbelief and was pretty convinced all of the (slightly umm very intoxicated) men at the table were about to jump Will. It was insane!! And we ended our night trying to convince him to leave the party without us calling the police on him.

All in all, we did have a great weekend! And are already planning a few more trips to visit.

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