Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Baby Brother is 22.

I honestly cannot believe we are adults. Real adults. Pay your own way, make your own decisions, adults. Scary.

We had Matthew's birthday lunch at my Mom's yesterday after church. Tyler had to leave straight from church and head to work, so he missed out on the fun! But I took him steak and cake, so he was a happy camper!

Mom, Matthew and I. This picture proves that I'm the "future soccer mom" of the group. She's in a shirt from the juniors department, he's wearing skinny jeans. I'm in printed shorts. ha!

Mimi, Matthew and Papaw

Matthew and Danielle

My mom is so funny and made Matthew do a scavenger hunt for his birthday gifts. His girlfriend and I were dying laughing. He wouldn't ever tell her what he wanted, so she got mad that she couldn't watch him open presents! So she went this route. Best decision ever.

Hint #1 Rhymes with Slant.

Hint #2 Check your email.
The poor kid had to check 3 computers before he realized there was a gift card IN mom's laptop. ha!

Hint #3 They tried to make her go to Rehab, but she said no, no, no.
This was the hardest. It was hidden in the People magazine about Amy Winehouse's death. (still sad about that)

Hint #4 I honestly can't remember this hint... it had something to do with popsicles. ha!

Hint #5 Queen of Hearts

It was fun watching my brother being forced to play Mom's silly games. I love silly games and I will SO be that mom!

I made his birthday cake because my mom was going to get a box cake and canned icing. I admit I am a snob. Not so much against boxed cake, but I HATE storebought icing! Especially when it's so easy to make fresh buttercream. Yum! I loved his cake, but thought it might be a little girly. He said he loved it, so I was happy!

he was proud that he got all of his candles at once. 

Happy birthday, Matthew! You might make me want to pull my hair out, but I sure do love you!

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  1. You guys favor! Such a pretty family. Glad you got to spend fun family time together!