Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We had such a wonderful Father's Day this year. We got to spend it with lots of people we love and felt so blessed! We started out the day with our church family, which was just perfect, as always. After church, we basically didn't say bye to anyone (I felt a little rude! Sorry, Jill!) but we had to get to a town about an hour from church and we had roughly 45 minutes to do so. Obviously we were a little late, but our family still forgave us! ha!

My great uncle passed away this week, so all of our family was in town for the funeral. My grandmother decided to have a Father's Day get together while everyone was still here. And just for the record, Uncle Roe was very sick. He had cancer all over and took himself off chemo and radiation about 2 months ago. We all knew this day was coming (still miss him) but we know he is in a much better place and are at peace about it.

Back to Father's Day. There are a few people in this picture who I had only met once, briefly, until the Memorial on Friday morning. I really wish everyone lived closer because I have some hilarious family! We really did have a good time. My great grandmother was BEAMING having all of her grandkids and great grandkids (well, there's only 2 greats here, Matthew wasn't able to get off work. And momma worked too. So they were short a grandkid, too) all under one roof. She was obviously missing her son, but was so grateful to see everyone laughing, having fun and loving each other. She is 93 years old and has more spunk than you can imagine! My cousin (or 2nd cousin, I think) was able to fly home from Iraq for his dad's funeral. He is in special forces and pretty much has to go back immediately, but it was wonderful to get to see him face to face and let him know that we are praying for him. I'm used to just texting or facebooking the boy!
{The family minus Mom and Matthew}

{my second cousin and his daughter. They were smelling flowers she picked! So sweet!}

After we left this side of the family, we headed back towards home to see Tyler's dad, stepmom and our sisters in law. I love these people. I think I say that every time I post about them, but they are just wonderful. I don't really know what we would do without them! Amanda and Sarah are the ones expecting twins and found out last week that both are girls!! SO excited to have two nieces! I love them already! A brought fabric swatches from the nursery over to let us check it all out. It is going to be SO cute! And we all decided that Marsha and Tony will forever be known as Grum and Poppy. I like their grandparent names. :)

We also hadn't gotten together to celebrate my birthday yet and apparently they decided to do that the same day! ha! So I got to wear a fancy-schmancy "Birthday Princess" sash. Which I did with great honor. lol

 {Amanda and Sarah, and the twins!}

{excited for cookie cake}

 {my father in law, Tony... to be forever known as Poppy}

 {Tyler playing a silly dollar store game.}


 {Max got caught. He was helping.}

{my love and me}

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