Sunday, October 31, 2010

3 - Summer Vacay

We went to the pacific Northwest in August, but I wanted to go ahead and write a short snippit here about our trip, I'm really hoping to eventually print this and want everything I can to be in it! So we are taking a step back in time today. Enjoy!

My dad and step mom live in South Washington state. It is so incredibly beautiful up there. If you ever get the chance to visit, just go. Don't think twice! We went camping, toured a brewery, went to the beach, visited Astoria, Oregon, went shopping (a lot), toured a cheese/ice cream factory and made a day trip to Seattle and Bellingham. We usually head to Canada when we are up there, but had a lot more on our agenda! It really was a wonderful trip and we were so glad that we could go! We don't get to see them nearly as often as we would like, so spending a few uninterrupted days was very nice.

A little fun fact about their town. The high school is the school shown in the Twilight movies. I personally can't stand Twilight, but I know there is a cult following!

Blackberries I picked from Daddy's yard! Seriously yum!
DeSchutes Brewery
{Bend, Oregon}
The Pub we ate for lunch. Of course we chose Deschutes!
The food was absolutely amazing!
Tyler, Dad and Mel said the beer was pretty awesome, too.
Public Market - I love it here!
{Seattle, Washington}
The fish throwing guys at the Public Market.
The Space Needle.
Tyler at the top! And he didn't want to go up at first! Crazy!
My high school principal, Dr. Tom, and I!
We had such a good time visiting with him!
{Bellingham, Washington}
Early morning walk on the beach
{Seaside, Oregon}

Astoria Tower. This is beautiful and HUGE. I think it is 172 steps to the top.
 Scary as all get out, but totally worth it! The view is unbelievable
{Astoria, Oregon}
Top of the tower. It was so windy!
Scary bridge into Astoria. I hate this bridge, it scares me to death!
I purposely didn't go the way coming into town, but the bridge is cool to look at from afar. 
Random roadside Beach stop on the way from Astoria to Tillamook
{Acadia Beach, Oregon}
Lots and lots of starfish, mollusks and sea anemones. I couldn't get T to touch any. lame!
Quite Possibly the highlight of my trip, except seeing Dad and Mel, of course!
{Tillamook Cheese Factory, Tillamook, Oregon}
Tillamook Ice Cream. Delicious! I really can't put into words how disappointed he was that it isn't sold locally!

Waiting in the cheese sample line! Also can't find our favorites of this cheese locally, but can find one and it will have to do! It is so good!
Before we hopped on our plane, we made it up to Mt. St. Helens and went for a short hike. This was in the Lava Caves. So incredibly cool to see, but it really lets you know the devastation that was caused... and this isn't even the side hit the hardest!
Daddy and I outside the cave
Mt. St Helens - this side was hit first, and you can see the trees starting to grow back.
Canyon made from an eruption millions of years ago, uncovered by this most recent one.
Tyler scaring me by running across a rickety old bridge! ughh.
Heading Home!

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