Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1 - The Beginning

I figure I should start out by introducing ourselves. I'm Niki, the baker. My husband is Tyler, the biker (or technically Mountain Biker or cyclist, but those didn't sound as cute)!  We live in Central Arkansas. He is an EMT, works at an ER here in town and is in school to be a paramedic. I am a Martha Stewart wannabe, minus the whole tax evasion business, I love to cook, bake, paint, sew, and basically anything else crafty. I am in school to become a teacher and work at a Mother's Day Out teaching 2 year olds! It is the best job ever.

I hope to use this space as a way to document our lives and keep up with family and friends! I love reading other people's blogs and would like to have one of our own to remember the important things happening in our lives!

Welcome to our blog. Thanks for visiting!

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