Monday, October 28, 2013

Toddler Finger Painting... errrr paint eating.

(anyone there??)

This morning I took little mister to the doctor for cold he's had for the better part of two weeks. Apparently it is really just a cold and we've got to tough it out. Poor little guy has an awful cough. He had to get a finger prick at the doctor and this mama felt incredibly sad for him, especially because the nurse did not get a good stick and tortured him for a good 5 minutes to get enough blood to fill the vile. My angry eyes totally came out. So... on to the point of this post.

Because I felt SO guilty, I really wanted to have fun with the boy this afternoon. I've been meaning to finger paint with him for awhile and never found a good day. We've painted in the tub several times, but never just let him go to town with finger paint. I wanted to use an edible paint because, lets face it, he's 13 months old and most of it was going to be eaten. A friend sent me this recipe and it worked really well. I did cut the water by about half, but other than that didn't change anything. 

Pretty much the first bite went into his mouth. 
 We started with the pumpkin and moved quickly to painting paper. I thought with the paper, he may not eat quite as much paint. 
 And I was sorely mistaken. 

 He really had a blast painting (and eating) so I was super pleased with today's activity! His hair really appreciated the flour/sugar mixture he decided to style it with. 

 We had so much fun during art time that I decided to try another activity I've been holding out on. He. Loved. This. He basically thinks I'm the coolest person ever now. I got so tickled watching him try to figure out what was going on. I'm a little concerned that we might have a future raver on our hands though. haha!
 We finished the night with a Halloween book and jams. Obviously the best way to read a book is upside down and surrounded by glow sticks. 
I'm really hoping to get back in the swing of blogging. I've got a full year of amazing first to catch up on! I highly doubt that'll ever happen, but it never hurts to have goals.


  1. Yay blogging!!! (and fun projects! I want to try the bathtub rave party!)

    1. He LOVED the rave! it was really funny to see his little mind try to figure out what on earth I was allowing him to do!

  2. Oh I'm excited you blogged!!! Love these ideas!