Friday, September 2, 2011

Tyler's vlog

I convinced him. Ha! A few things. You know I have to give a disclaimer! Haha!
First, he literally just woke up. As in, he popped out of bed and I said "you wanna do a vlog? Brad did it! You have to!" haha! Second, I don't think his accent shows very well. But it's still funny. Third, this is his second try. Because sometimes he has a potty mouth. And last, it's ridiculous.

YouTube Video

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  1. I LOVE IT! And the fact that you snorted made me laugh even harder...I catch so much crap for doing that when I laugh really hard! :)

    And "potty mouth" is such a nanny word!

  2. I'm rolling... hilarious. You two are a riot!

  3. funny! we say shopping cart in the north. we also call them sneakers. in south jersey people say wooder...for water...go figure!