Monday, September 5, 2011

Failure. Of the temporary kind.

alternate titles: 
"The Devil is a Jerk"
"I want to Punch a Wall"
"The hate the *#&$^!&# Devil with Every Ounce of My Being"
"Thank God for Good Friends that say Yelling & Screaming is Okay"

You all know we are on the road to fostering, right? Well? That road has just hit a detour. I haven't posted much about it, because we just weren't sure, but after discussing with the director of the agency, we know that we don't have another option. 

We live in an old house. We knew that certain things needed to be done before we could get certified. We've been working on getting these things done for a long time. Well, we were told last week that WAY more than expected has to be done. Like 10-20 grand more. 

In the last 3 weeks we have found out that we aren't "updating" our roof, we are now replacing the entire thing. We aren't just putting new floors down, we are replacing the subfloor and fixing the foundation. We aren't hanging 2 new doors, we are ripping out the trim of 4 and replacing them all. The bathroom reno we've been doing? It's on hold until the floor is fixed. 

After talking to the director and praying over the situation we have decided its best to wait until the next session to get certified. We can't pass certification without all of these things done.

Now I'm going to go cry some more. 


  1. I'm sorry for the setback. Praying for y'all. Just remember God's timing is PERFECT.

  2. Girl, keep your head up! God's gonna work it all out! I'm praying for y'all and hoping that everything works out soon!

  3. I hope you know that I've been praying for you since we texted that day. How are things going? When is the next session?

    Just think - your house is going to be AWESOME!