Friday, March 23, 2012

Almost Easter

Miss me? :)

With Easter being just 2 weeks away I wanted to share the Easter presents we got for our nieces and nephew. I seriously love being an aunt and I, for one, like to think that I rock the role. Now, I will never, ever, ever get obnoxious toys for them. I am much more of a puzzles, books, legos, riding toys gift giver than a loud plastic, nerf gun, guitar giver. I don't want the future payback! So, their Easter gifts are no different.

The twins will be almost 6 months old, so I found a few little things I think are fun and age appropriate. I got them each a sippy cup, a cute Easter rubber ducky and AWESOME hot pink rubber ambulances. Because lets be real, any little girl with a paramedic for an uncle just has to have a pink ambulance.
Stelian is 3 1/2 and is most definitely at a fun age. Even though 3 is generally my least favorite age. Haha! He goes to the preschool I teach at and we are really working on tracing letters so I got him some easy to hold crayons in a fun truck container. I also found those chocolate milk straws, I got my chocolate milk loving mama those in her stocking this year and every time Steli is there he wants one of Yaya’s special straws, so now he has 10 of his own! Last up is a small, hollow chocolate bunny. I’m not big on candy, but I decided a little wouldn’t be too bad. And Tyler really wanted to get it for him. I also got him an Easter book from Amazon, but it hasn’t come in yet and I’m impatient.

I saw this idea of gluing a cotton ball onto a bag to make a little bunny tail on Pinterest and thought it was precious, easy and cheap! It didn’t hurt that I had all the supplies on hand to create it!

I also added each of their names to the bag with flocking powder. I thought it would look springy and could not be happier with the outcome! So fun!

Have a fabulous week! Maybe I’ll decide to not be a stranger around here.


  1. What adorable gifts! I've been reading your blg for a while but could never comment because your blog background would blck the comment section. And there was no other way to contact you. I'm so glad I can comment now!!